Why I cant do no PMO. RANT.

I'm doing no O since Porn is literally fucking everywhere and when I wake up my dumb lizard brain has my hand on my dick. Hey your in a normal discord server? Some dude spams that random stupid ass hentai picture. Oh your watching TV? A fucking commercial about sex toys or some stupid ass cam girl site (looking at you comedy central). Oh your watching YouTube? How about a thumbnail that is from hentai or some big titty lady that's legit almost naked and has no brae on is reviewing a 3d printer. Oh you want to play video games? Nah fam fuck you there's some dude with more fucking hentai or "lewd" as his profile pic. Why you gotta do me this way world? Why do you got to keep spamming me with porn pretty much were ever I go? via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2Q6hoFg

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