Why I think the mid game is unnecessarily stale, and how I think it could be easily fixed

I know I am not the only one who feels that this game has a "the rich get richer" problem. I have put 700 hours into the game, and my combat stats are all around 75-80, and a slayer level of 67. Having put this much into the game, I'd like to think I'd have more intense pvm options to have fun and make money (excluding combat grinding, like blue dragons over and over again for bones/hides), yet all I can really do is barrows or kbd. Both of which are extremely old content, and aren't the most lucrative money making methods, perhaps because they are so old. This brings me to the main point of my argument - why can't "mid-high level" bosses be added? I would even be satisfied with a Zulrah or Corp Junior, literally just a scaled down version of a bigger and much tougher boss, and with it they can release new content that isn't bis or anything, but just strong mid level gear, that still has a requirement of 70-75 in its respective skill (defense for armor, attack/strength for weapons etc.) I just want that exciting and scary experience of taking on a big tough boss, but because I have a life, I cannot grind to 90+ all combat stats, which is the only way for that to happen in the current game. Also if they could add bosses of this level that can be done with friends, that would be appreciated, I am tired of fantasizing about killing slayer bosses that I will never be able to kill with my friends, even if I did ever get the slayer level for it (Hydra I'm looking at you).​(TL/DR) - Add some mid-high level bosses to spice up the midgameThanks for hearing my rant fellow hentai lovers​Edit: grammar via /r/2007scape https://ift.tt/2rbqKS7

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