Why some people don't like boruto. (Please just read if you want and understand, don't write "lol too long" just because you're a smartass 9 year old)

Okay, I've noticed a very interesting trend between the fandom's opinions on Boruto.On one side, we have people who don't like the series for various reasons, and we have another side who defends the series regardless of any criticism... Or because they actually like the show.but I'm here to sort of speak out on maybe I found out some reasons why people don't like the boruto series.1.most of the negative criticism towards the show may be coming from older fans that accompanied the original series and Shippuden for the longest time so they know what to look for in terms of story writing and quality towards something in the Naruto universe.Most of the people who are criticizing the show could be people outside of the fandom who understand how narrative works and maybe have a light idea of what the series is about but maybe miss a few points.some people don't like the series mostly because it genuinely feels like a weird spin-off of what people assume to Naruto should have been like. the boruto series genuinely feels like as if it's trying really hard to ride the coattails of the original serie's popularity and characters. An example would be one of the villains looks eerily similar to dryer and there's always constant mention of the previous series lore. So in truth, the boruto series feels like a weird bait and switch method of writing where it teases something from the original series but gives us something entirely different. So for those who disagree with the series, it may be out of frustration and dissatisfaction on how it's trying to attract attention.All those are some redeemable characters in the boruto series, boruto really doesn't cut it as a genuinely well-developed character. he starts out essentially privileged, is a genius in his own right, is the son of the Hokage, in spite of how smart he is he doesn't understand the big picture on why Naruto has been busy throughout his life as Hokage, and above all a lot of the characters are just really watered down cut-and-paste versions of previous characters in the series. Hence why the new seven Swordsmen feel really undeveloped in spite of their interesting character Arc, why the main villain looks a little bit too much like Jiraiya and a lot of ways and why there's constant mention of the previous serie's conflictsthe narrative of the story is non-existent if not almost a copy and paste of the original series. I feel like I need to Hazard the fact that the series doesn't feel like it actually follows a proper formula and I don't think it actually has a plot as of now, it feels like it's trying too hard to grab the attention of the newest generation of fans while juggling a way to grab the attention of the old fans that walked away from the series in the first place. The boruto movie is a perfect setup that should have left off after the movie ended... Not before, during, and and then just to dredgingly take a long time to come up with a plot. It feels like the series is going nowhere as of now and it feels more like filler, which has a lot of conflict with a previously established lore. I fully understand that sometimes when we accept the lure of a show after it's officially ended but when a spin-off comes out people tend to get somewhat apprehensive and defensive about it, but the way the boruto is doing it feels very strange.The previous series already had a lot of compelling and mysterious plot holes that became more prevalent as the show went on. know a lot of people don't want to agree with this or maybe even wants to ignore the fact that there is a possibility that Kishimoto wasn't even responsible for a lot of how the story went on... As in it probably was the editors trying to get him to change a lot of a story in order to make his story more profitable. Remember he did say in an interview that there was going to be a lot more to do with the Akatsuki than it did with the war Arc. If the Naruto series wanted to continue on but without having to change the previous story, there could have been a few spinoff movies or short arcs the focused on Canon information and maybe even explained away some of the plot holes. I would be more satisfied with an entire 12 episode or 24 episode series of the Akatsuki or any other character in the series. to me as an older fan it makes more sense to focus on that because that's what most of us grew up with and was taken away so fast in Shippuden.Again, there is a lot of criticism about the quality of the show. It's not just about writing and characters, there's this weird situation where all the animation feels really stiff but way too fluid at the same time and the manga doesn't seem to make a lot of sense either with the ways trying to tell a story. I really don't like Ikemoto, his art style feels really stale and after seeing how he draw some of the female characters... It's making me extremely uncomfortable and hypertensive of even reading the manga in the first place, it makes me feel like I'm going to read some weird form of overly realistic hentai and as a person who focuses a lot on how artistic style works with writing, it's driving me away and I can imagine it's doing the same with a lot of other fans.the manga in the anime are so far away from each other in terms of story and consistency, that it becomes more of a chore to keep up with the manga and the anime at the same time where as in Naruto everything was caught up and any one of the fans who focused either on the manga or the anime could catch up with the series pretty fast.as there are a lot of people who like the series, there's a lot of older fans who don't like the series mostly because it doesn't do the original series any justice or favors in existing as of now. It's not enough for most of the people who don't like the series to just hang on and continue watching it because it might get better in the future, we've experienced this type of pattern so long that we know exactly what's going to happen and how it's going to go down no matter how unpredictable the story may become, because in hindsight it's already predictable. And as an older fan who has kept the series so close to our hearts, we don't want to see the image of Naruto being deteriorated and reduced to something that feels like an eminent failure or as if we wasted our times with a story that wasn't going to get it resolved. Of course there's a bunch of older fans who were dissatisfied with the ending, and I respect that, but at the same time we all got understand that it is what it is. another point that I would like to get a cross with this reason is that boruto early feels like a reboot, a new shiny version of an original series that was created for the newest generation of fans but at the same time halfway alienates the original fans and rides on the coattails of the original product. I understand that baruto isn't a reboot, but the way that the series is going and how the fans are responding to any form of criticism or rhetoric towards the series, it makes me remember the other fandoms and they're rebooted Ips. we cartoons that are being rebooted from the 80s to accommodate the recent fans, however as logic me abide, if you're going to reboot something old your target audience is not just the newest fans but it's also the older fans who have kids. It's simply not enough to make the argument of "it's not for you" or "you're not the target audience", that maybe for you... But for the animation companies, they don't care about the any fans, they just care about how much money it will rack up from the newest generation and from the old generation before it.Tl;Dr: the main issues with why most of the older fans and maybe some newer fans that don't like boruto is purely or partially because of a generation gap. As older fans, we understand what might happen and how the story may go based on how the writing could be, as newer fans believe that the series was made for them because this is the product that they're going to grow up with. So the next time you go around being extremely angry or aggressive with people who don't like what you like, please understand that like every old person towards a new generation of youths, we don't understand why you like it but we understand why we don't like it. via /r/Naruto https://ift.tt/2qNaQgE

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