Would it be that hard to make our own catalog page with tags and where people submit the items? (Only ones that had been uploaded to Roblox)

TL;DR: A site where users make the tags, submissions by users (that come from Roblox) have to be approved by users from the site, and to avoid too much work, just set a bot to collect every item from categories where only Roblox can post. Would not get deleted since you don't get paid, and when you click the item it links you the Roblox page where that item is, not your page with your description. unless you click the "see tags" thing which will show you the tags that this item has.Honestly, I can make this myself in a day using just bookmarks or onetab (well, if one tab allowed me to edit the name of the tabs)I was spending hours and hours finding multiple items and, the search system didn't make this longer (I was looking page by page rather than using the search bar, in case I missed anything) but I had found multiple issues like, typing "glide" will not show you any gliders at all but typing "glider" does. I bet this happens with a lot of different keywords (like flying?) and problem is that, Roblox only looks at the title and description exact words, it doesn't try to take words similar to the ones you typed, which just makes the finding a lot harder.I also found this hair the doesn't appear in the catalog, I found it through the recommended items from another hair, and it doesn't appear on the catalog, not when you go to "hair" and look at every single page closely (I checked 3 times, nothing)​There are so many issues on the catalog and.... why should we wait for roblox to fix it? literally just make a page that lists every item on the catalog (let's start with the categories that users can't post), and when they click the image or title, it will take you to the page on Roblox. I guess this would be a bit tedious but if you make this script where, you just have to take the link and make it autodetect the image and add it into the page, then it would be a lot nicer.Now, for categories with more than 10,000 items which are mostly made by players, I would start with them last, since this one I think would go better if you make a system where people can submit these and others would have to approve them before it appears on the site, like newgrounds under-judgement section (no mods, people), it may prevent people from spamming the same exact item and it may allow the chance for people to be more motivated into making clothing (I guess this would work by making these posts available after 24hs if most people say "this is ok" by clicking a button. You also gotta set rules like not clicking the buttons for items that had been repeated) there should also be a report system for this section and a bot that updates it automatically.People will make the tags, I am thinking of how tags on I guess pornhub and some hentai sites do, if most people approve of that tag, or suggest that tag, then it will be there, and if most people don't want a tag even ones that had already been there, then it will be gone (And they have to be gone, they may get a chance in the future to become a tag again)​I don't know a lot of ways to avoid bots, you need an account, verify your email, and captcha in order to participate in the site I guess. This is just a idea I have and I doubt I will someday do this. But I might if I just one day become done with having this ideas and having them replaced with bookmarks, a site would be very nice. Good idea? Cheers via /r/roblox https://ift.tt/2Sb3zmx

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