You uncultured swine

I usually only criticize hentai based on art. So,what am i doing here,you ask? This is a flawless masterpiece,no doubt about it! There is nothing wrong with the art! Well my little uncultured swine,the problem here is the writting. This should be frowned upon. Every single page has writing from the author which explains what's going on in the panel. This is disgusting! And such a lazy way of comic designing! Listen,if you feel the need to explain the events of a fucking HENTAI then you are doing hentai wrong. Go and write fanfictions instead. Here in hentai we go by the rule "show,don't tell". You're supposed to feel what is happening through just looking at the character's expressions and posing! I am very disappointed,artist-chan. Because nothing ruins good art better than shitty writing! via /r/copypasta

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