ZachTard episode 1

be meplay HS football because good teamone day, hear noise while playing catch in center of locker room, sound is coming from the farthest corner of the roomInvestigation.exeturn corner and this sophomore (call him zach)some backaround- this kid was the team tard, definitley autistic, did a lot of retarded shit, kid called Ant always made fun of him bc he caught him doing retarded fortnite dances in his lockerback to the storywe turn the cornerits eating fried chicken while whacking it’s 7cm circle shaped dick to FUCKING MLP HENTAIWTFAYD.mp4after the intial shock me and the other two teammates start laughing at him uncontrollablyOHGODMYSIDES.wavwe still make fun of him via /r/tardtales

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