[18] [Fb4Fb/F/H/Fu/T] [Thiccfemmy] [Casual] Looking for a lot

So im looking for a lot of different things. Im looking to either play out some fantasies i have or some you may have, trade yiff hentai with people, looking to chat about lewd kinks, fantasies e.t.c, or just have a chat.I'm nearly limitless so dont be shy when mentioning your kinks. If you do message me just let me know what you're looking for. Also if any couples are looking for someone to surprise their partner with or spice things up hit me upAlso im in the mood for uncommon/unusual partners/species e.g goblins,slime e.t.c via /r/FurryKikPals https://ift.tt/2Q64EQ4

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