20[M4F]NY/Online ~ Looking for nice friends, or someone to get ramen and boba with?

Heya ~ Looking for new friends, don't have many here because I just recently moved back. But I'd love to meet new people in the area. If not. Online! So - here's a tad about me :)______________________________I was raised in NY, so I am a city boy. Just, I never had many friends who enjoyed the things I do. Such as going out places, or even just relaxing and talking about whatever we want. They just wanted to play games tbh, which I respect that. Just it was a bit boring sometimes and I ended up moving away which made me lose all of them for some reason.​I'm a pretty outgoing person, I love to talk and get to know people but. I'm not the best at thinking of questions? So really, if you can do that. Awesome. I am an open book though so don't ever be nervous to ask me something. Chances are I'll have an answer for you. And when I asked an old friend of mine how they'd describe me. They said I'm "Sweet, Caring, Comforting and I give off positive vibes?" Plus I'm really chill so I try to have fun when I can. But I am clingy, so thats my downfall there. Getting attached to people hurts sometimes.​When it comes to distance, I don't care how far you are? Could be in Korea, I'll make the time and effort to talk to you. Just respect the fact that, I have to work long hours so I might not always be available to talk? But I'm down for whatever, I want to be that erm. Safe place? Or comforting peep for you. Everyone needs someone like that right?​Idk if how I look matters , but I can give a vague description and pictures later on if you wanted one? But, I'm 6'3. Tall, brown hair. Brown eyes (I think) ? And I'm just pale, like caspers cousin kinda pale. Transparent basically. It's the Irish in me. Average weight, comfortable weight. Cuddle buddy over here. Some people say I'm "Attractive" but to me, idk. MEH.​Lil more specific things, hobbies and musical tastes?! Cause that's important.​___________________________________​- Love all sorts of music, from classic rock. To modern artists like, Lil'Dicky, NF, Logic, Eden, Blackbear, Heh even Joji.. But my list is all over the place.. Ed sheeran will always hold my heart alongside Josh Groban..​- And I do play games, it keeps me slightly occupied, not a toxic person or anything. I just kinda stay quiet and stuff. But I play things like OW, Smite, League, CSGO.. Whole bunch of games. So I can talk about those all. Including WoW? Recently gotten into Miniature paintings. So I can show you those?!​- As for shows.. I only really watch Anime tbh. Now when some people see Anime they think like.. Hentai and shit, nah. I don't play with that shit. The Anime I watch have story, not boobs and panties to keep people interested. If I get pantie shots it kind of annoys me so much that I'd stop watching the show entirely. But I love Pop Vinyls, and statues. Like my $250 Edward Elric statue (signed).. So nice :) BUT YEAH! Anime.​- My humor can be dark, but it can also be basic. I will filter certain things you don't want to see or hear cause I don't want you to feel uncomfortable..​_____________________________Here's a question to spark conversation? If you could own any company, any at all. What would you make and why?! (Only responding to people who read this. So goodluck? )Thats all I can really think of, I'm sorry :x I would love to get to know some of you though, maybe even meet up with some of you! Who knows! via /r/r4r https://ift.tt/2RQqCDs

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