[21]Boyfriend doesn’t want me on his computer

[18]Me and my boyfriend[21] have been together for nearly three years. Recently we’ve been arguing a lot because I don’t feel comfortable with what I see going on in his discord. This is him being added to group calls with girls who post pictures of their ass, activity logs of being online until 4am, and the friends he speaks to are inappropriate. Recently hes been calling me Nutty/ crazy for not feeling good about this because I believe it will escalate into him possibly cheating. I know in most modern relationships, people like to respect privacy. however, we’ve always been very open with ours until recently. He always shoes me away when I get near his computer or if I sit on his computer chair, he will tell me to move. Today hes making me go in the bathroom with him while he showers so He makes sure Im not looking at his things even though he swears theres nothing. All of these events are spread throughout 3 months or so. When he explains I am being crazy he leaves things out. When I try to talk to him he doesnt think about both sides, he is set on me being crazy. Hes never cheated, and I havent seen much evidence but I can tell he lies a lot. All of the incidents make me just paranoidHow do I leave him? Are these signs of a possible cheater? Even though he swears there is nothing[TLDR; Boyfriend is unfaithful and hides his online life. Swears I am crazy because I dont feel good about what I see on his discord(girls post pics of themselves in short shorts, hentai pics, & he speaks to friends who are desperate for girls)] + he is making me go in the bathroom with him while he showers so He knows im not looking through his computer via /r/relationship_advice https://ift.tt/2S6poE5

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