25[F4F] (MtF) Hopeful submissive questing for domme-ey connections, and a place to belong. ( ◜◡‾)っ

(tl;dr - shy and skittish 25y/o pre-HRT MtF dweeb of a lesbian submissive looking to make domme friends of a cis lady persuasion, and... hopefully, someday, really connect with a domme who wants to take me as her own...)​(https://imgur.com/a/ARaQa8s)​So, er... hey there! I'm Katheryne, or Kat if you'd prefer, and like the title says, I'm bumbling along on my journey to find the domme who happens to need a goof of a sub like me, and in turn would also make me feel whole as well! To that end, I guess right now I'm... just trying to make friendly acquaintances who happen to be dommes, to learn and take some steps in the right direction.​When it comes to the mundane aspects, I'm the kind of predictable internetty nerd that's into all variety of video games, anime, and following certain niche fandoms, as one might expect. I've also had a desire all my life to one day become an artist even if only to make a silly little webcomic or somesuch as a means to express myself creatively and add something to this world. I can be kinda gloomy or anxious, but I never want that to transfer to friends around me, and always wanna do what I can to make sure they feel better!​As far as my relation to the whole D/s-lifestyle-ey world, I guess I've always been on the submissive side and just hadn't been able to acknowledge it until I hit puberty and started figuring myself out -- not to mention all the lying about my age to sneak into kinky low-brow hentai websites like you'd expect of a 14-year-old at the time. :P In any case, it kind of also put dampers on my romantic life too, given that I'd realized how much I needed to be in a healthy relationship with my theoretical girlfriend holding the reins. I know full well that I'm probably kinda emotionally needy, so... yeah.​I've sort of shied away from coalescing my idea of [My Theoretical Future Domme] out of this latent fear that if I start picking more specific traits, it will lower my chance of ever finding her from 0.00001% to flat-out nil. It's true I might have a bit of shallowness as far as some physical aspects when it comes to physical attraction, similar to the fact that I don't think I could ever date a trans girl being as I'm one as well, but... I've never found myself lusting after specifics like, "Oh, I want a BLONDE domme!" It's more like... I pray that she would be strong and nurturing, and that we could have shared interests to bond over, to geek out and not be embarrassed about our collective nerd-ery... that she would be able to laugh at the doofy stuff I say, that we could simultaneously be a pair of lighthearted lovesick dorks /and/ grow a deeply emotional bond as domme and sub... That she would teach me how to be better for her, and encourage me to rise to the challenge of making her as happy as I can.​Aaand, as for kinky stuff? Because all these years of living on the internet've given me more than my share of fetishes both niche and otherwise, even if being a repressed virgin means I've lacked the chance to gain real experience so far. My interests in BDSM-ey stuff are all over the place; bondage whether in rope or leather, latex and rubber, the Maid-and-Mistress aesthetic especially. Oh, to be a flustered latex maid on her knees before a grinning domme with a crop...​To give fair warning of some gloomier gunk... Aside from my masculine-ey body not being what the majority of gay girls would want to play with, and the gender dysphoria that rides shotgun with it... I am a bit of a NEET, given that due to clinical mental illness and PTSD-adjacent trauma from a natural disaster, I'm legally classified with disability, and... yeah. Not exactly a big extroverted bottle-poppin' cash money millionaire over here. I've lived in small-town nowhere Missouri my whole life, and have been trapped in the closet re: gender and sexuality due to hyper-religious parents with whom I'm still stuck living. All that said, though, I really hope to some day escape this place and spread my wings a little, as tiny and atrophied as they might be! To overcome all these wounds and still find a life as a loving and beloved pet one day...​Even so, there's more to me than that, and I would hope a domme might be even better at seeing it than I am!​[If you'd like more information on whether Katheryne(tm) is right for you, please visit our fine product pages such as "https://ift.tt/2AfZDtn", "https://twitter.com/badendchan/", or "https://ift.tt/2TDXC34"! This offer is valid until June 24, 20XX, some restrictions apply, results may vary.] via /r/gentlefemdompersonals https://ift.tt/2Lm8eQw

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