3rd time reddit chooses what I watch next

1st winner was spice and wolf. One of the best animes I have watched.2nd winner was parasyte which I think was pretty good. But didn't really have a proper ending and just seemed like it stopped.Now here are the choices:Hunter x HunterScum's wishGuomin laogong dai huijiaYuragi-sou no yuuna-sanRascal does not dream of bunny girl senpieOutbreak companyAngel beatsDanganronpaDigimon data squadRe:zeroMy girlfriend is a shobitchThe saga of Tanya evilPlastic memoriesThe hentai PrinceShimonetaThe familiar of zeroDeadman wonderlandAnotherRestaurant to another worldDrangonar academyA world only god knowsHeavens lost propertyKiznaiverNew gameWhen they cryYugioh GX via /r/anime https://ift.tt/2S3tg92

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