A dude I hang out with is getting mad annoying and i need to scream into the void before i deck him

I don't have many guy friends, and this guy is an exception because he's friends with my girlfriend, and he can just be a nightmare to be around sometimes. He's a greasy, lazy, attention-deprived manchild that I am losing the energy and patience to deal with.He constantly feels the need to be funny with severely overused jokes - usually shit that he's pulled off from years of watching Top Gear or quoting shit he finds on Black Twitter or Instagram ad nauseum. He's not black, mind you, but he'll drop the n-word to no end.Not to mention his Twitter and Instagram is just filled with porn or porn-adjacent; and he tries to scroll past it all like he's not interested when he's next to me because I do not care for being horny on main, and he just creeps me out so much. His brand of porn, when it's not just women in compromising positions, is sometimes gross hentai, and he likes to show me and my girlfriend these weird disturbing clips of younger anime characters in suggestive situations just to get a reaction out of us and I am so sick and so fucking tired.And every fucking time no one is paying the slightest attention to him or talking about something that he doesn't know about, he has to go fucking off and pitch in his own thing or start his own topic or find a way to reorient the subject matter to him and his interests like cars, and ooooo bleeding edge technology and big houses and photography and cameras and engines and he'll just show you pictures and pictures of tricked out cars or new gadgets with no context so you're practically forced to plead an explanation from him so he can feel important and smart. And back to when he makes attempts at jokes, whenever someone brings up a boyfriend or a girlfriend he always ALWAYS fucking interrupts just so he can ask if they're a boy or a girl and it is so fucking exhausting no one is even entertains it anymore and he still keeps looking for a reaction from people.Maybe sure he needs the validation. Maybe i'm the asshole for having the energy or tolerance to deal with his shit but i honestly couldn't care less.And unless it's for the attention of a girl (he's already in a relationship; this girl's patience is too much and I lowkey fear for her), he can be so lazy. Even then, he can be so disrespectful and dismissive to his girlfriend's interests and always boils whatever problems she rants to him into 'just a thing'. When she's trying new shit out (right now she's trying to skateboard) he laughs everytime she falls off, and I am just so tired, honestly.And he can be so competitive and overconfident and he'll do it all that and blame it on being a Leo like for real, this is what he does when I give shit to him for it.The only reason I hang out with him really is because we play D&D together, and even then he keeps playing textbook strong women with a worrying amount of detail in their physical appearance and checkered pasts to make room for vulnerability.He's so tiring to be around and I disagree with so many of his political standings. He's pro-gun and the only reason he doesn't talk shit about women, feminism, and the LGBTQ community is because he knows what people would think of him if he voiced it. I feel like he can be so detached from reality and only cares about what life can get him.Ugh and not to mention his paying people off thing and the way he talks to waiters. He's so terrible with money for one thing - mainly because he has so much (it's his parents' and also technically his student loans which he buys photography equipment) and he just waves it around like it can solve all his problems and other people's problems. Sure, sometimes he can be generous and buys other people food when we're short on cash, but even then I always feel he's doing it because he wants to feel superior and in charge and in ownership of us.God he's so exhausting I need new friends. via /r/rant https://ift.tt/2EcuZFQ

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