A hilarious mistake

This is my first time posting here, and it will probably be a relatively short story, so hang in there.So, last Thursday I was sitting in my Geography class, and we were reviewing for a test we had the next day. I was doing a make up open book quiz, and luckily, I didn't have to leave the room while they reviewed since everything was in the textbook anyways. I was barely listening to what was going on, and only really listened for potential answers, when I hear my probably 60 year old teacher, who doesn't know much about really anything relevent to a group of high school freshmen, say loud and proud, "Speaking of hentai". I was so confused since I had no clue what could have led to this being said, but me and half of the class were dying. He was so confused, and was like "What? What's so funny?". We asked him if he knew what that was, and he said he thought it was, and I quote, "an ancient form of Japanese combat." We told him that's not at all what that is and that it's very bad, and he said he didn't want to know exactly what it is, but man, it was so funny, and it will forever be a joke in our class. via /r/StoryTime https://ift.tt/2U4gOqR

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