A Resurfaced memory

So in year six of elementary school we had a nude sketching class. No models, just pictures and we all got through it pretty well, pretty basic, just the torso and legs and that's it.So I'm walking around the shared area for our year group with a friend and I notice a girl being told off by one of the teachers. We take notice but mostly ignore it for now. When I get back to class, my friend comes up to me and tells me why she got into trouble. She apparently, drew a schoolgirl, flashing her chest and crotch in what I can only imagine now to be a school uniform. Very Hentai-esque sounding description, no? I didnt even know what anime was at that age.I don't remember exactly when I heard this but the teacher obviously thought that was not appropriate, but what was more interesting to him is where she got the idea to draw this🤔🤔🤔. So he started questioning her about what kind of things she was seeing on the Internet. At that point I had lost interest.So I ended up remembering this and that's when I realised one of my school mates was seeing some form of hentai in elementary school. via /r/teenagers http://bit.ly/2QbQfwE

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