Addressing some of the canards regarding the distaste for highly-sexualised & borderline child porn games on the Steam store

If you don't game or use Steam, the short version is this: Hentai (i.e. porn) games were allowed on the platform over the last year, and many of them have characters who are clearly intended to look too young to be legal in real life.I'm sick and tired of seeing the same comments cropping up when people express their distaste for this stuff, alleging double standards and the like, so here I go:But what about "Hatred"? People are offended by that game but no one says it should be removed.Yes, because no one feels the need to scrub their browser history every time its thumbnail pops up in a search, unlike all of your creepy-ass wank games. When you play a violent game, unless you're mentally unwell, you're not actually experiencing what violence is actually like (if you want to test that hypothesis, send some of your Doom-playing friends to r/watchpeopledie and see how they fair). If you're into Japanese schoolgirls with uniforms 2 sizes too small and a libido that would make Ron Jeremy blush, your dick getting hard isn't an analogue for the real thing - it IS the real thing. This is why sexual stuff is not comparable to violent stuff, because no one but Jack Thompson actually believes people are getting off on Hatred or Fallout 4 when they see heads explode from shotgun blasts. On the other hand, no one is doubting that you're getting your wank on when you play Hentai School Sluts IV or whatever the fuck, and when that's the case, the creep factor kicks in. There's no comparison. It's like saying Netflix should stock hardcore pornos because it already has Hostel. The only way that argument makes any sense is if we assume Hostel fans are, or would like to be, murderers. Knowing that we're sharing a space with people who would probably fail a lie detector test in a paedophile lockdown unit is incredibly disconcerting. People obsessed with porn and people obsessed with Doom are VERY different animals, and if you pretend otherwise you're just full of shit and you goddamn know it.It's censorship and moralising that no one asked for.Unless you're planning to go all in with this reasoning and take it to its logical conclusion, you're just blowing hot air in lieu of an argument i.e. unless you think straight-up porn should be allowed, you're on pretty shaky ground. As I said, people generally don't want to be confronted with what looks a lot like kiddie porn in cartoon form when they're looking for a game to play, especially if they have a shared PC or non-gamers wandering around the house, just as they don't expect to see pornos mixed in with the horror movies in Blockbuster.It's less about morality and more about not wanting to stand next to a cum-scented weirdo in a trench coat at the busstop. What that dude does with his time is his business, but it doesn't mean I have to invite him into my life in any way nor should the newsagent feel obliged to stock his favourite schoolgirl mags because "muh free speech!". Keep that creepy shit to yourself, people want to browse video games, not look over both shoulders before opening in case the front page is showing some niche-yet-somehow-overrepresented paedo wank fodder.So yes, everyone who isn't you is asking for some form of censorship, because only you are prepared to wax poetical about free speech when it comes to the titillation of the people who almost certainly need no further titillation in their lives. Christ.Thanks for reading. via /r/rant

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