AITA for shutting up my friend who has no social filter.

went with a friend to the theater to see Ready player one, it was in an old factory where they used an grated walkway to get to the entrance, one side was a solid plate which i wasn't sure why until i noticed the high heels, i mentioned that to a friend to which he replied "your walking on the right side already." which is fine, its been a running joke in class that I'm the girl in class.we were there 30 minutes early so we sat in the entrance hall, where he suddenly starts talking loud enough that the staff could hear it, about Blanc being better than Vert from Hperdimension Neptunia like ass and boobs, etc, from this point I see one of the female staff throwing us dirty looks. and I just cut him off by trying to steer the conversation to the movie. he shut up but left for the bathroom. after coming back he says he took a massive shit, i just gave him a blank stare but the movie was starting so i didn't say anything, commercials running, cue "put your ad here" ad and he loudly exclaims HentaiHaven should put an ad there. i just snap and tell him to shut the fuck up, we stopped speaking the entire day. later in the week we started talking like nothing ever happened.after him going silent on me for a week i just felt so bad, he even apologized saying that after being bullied at school for his unfiltered topics that he just gave zero fucks about other people's opinion, but mine weighs like a fucking ton for him, so am i correct in feeling like an asshole? via /r/AmItheAsshole

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