am i addicted?

pls, ignore this "97 days" flag, im clean for like 3 wich level am i when i see hentai/pornographic cartoon images and i really appreciate them? i mean, i dont know if its a new level of addiction but i dont look at them like nut material, i just like what some artists draw... the problem is that i dont see that i'm going to an hard stuff and BAM! i'm actually seeing something as fap material and there i am masturbating again.a few days ago i was fapping at 4 days per week but i want to change, i feel that real woman is much better but i can't just say "thats bad" to hentai/ erotic cartoon ( what i've been mostly struggle with. ) because for me, it is so good ;-;.guys, could you all give me an advice? what is the negative effects of porn? i want to change but i see no reason to actually quit.i had 100gb of hentai and stuff on my pc, deleted all yesterday and now i feel a little empty... i had infinite amount of content to see and i still curious to see the rest of the stuff but i feel that i dont need it but at the same time i feel so bad to not having it in my computer again. via /r/NoFap

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