Anime about a lovey dovey couple (read details, it's important)

(TL;DR at the end)So I'm sure this has been asked before, but I've got some specific things in mind. This may or may not be long, hopefully, it is not.So, I have a girlfriend for over 4 years. In this september, 3 days before my birthday, she got really sick with a brain abscess. Right now, she's already out of the hospital, but she can't move the left side of her body, her head still feels heavy, she can't walk and the inside of her mouth feels painful and her right eye got twitched, but the docs say she'll recover everything (thank God this wasn't long).Now, with that said, I can't see her very much and when I see her, we can't have those intimate moments, and I'm not really talking about sex here. I really like those moments where we just sit there talking about random things and all, you know what I mean.With that said, I watched on youtube some cut footage of a hentai called "Jewelry the animation" (I've no idea why this way recommended) and you can check it here: the end of the video (the video is borderline NSFW, nothing appears, but still), you see what I mean, that's what I want. I don't want any drama (if there is a little, I wouldn't mind), I just want the happy couple in it. I can't believe a hentai filled my heart to this extent.Still, there is something more, but I don't think it is possible. I mentioned what my girlfriend went through because of that. You think there is an anime where the girl gets sickly, but STILL lives?And how it impacts the life of the couple and all that?TL;DR: anime with cute couple talk. Little to no drama/tragedy. If there is a an anime where the girl gets sickly but STILL lives, it would be great as well.EDIT: Yeah, I've seen Clannad and it would only make me feel worse... via /r/Animesuggest

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