Announcement: The r/Otonokizaka Christmas Tree

So, we are happy to announce the... *drumroll\* r/Otonokizaka Christmas Tree!​Since we are close to the wonderful days of Christmas and we all know that Christmas is about warmth and family (and ugly sweaters). We, the moderators wanted to bring our community even closer for this special occasion. Why, you may ask? idk tbh.Because subreddits and their moderators tend to forget that they are managing a community not just a site made out of lines of codes. And keeping a community together, helping them build new friendships is key. Especially here, in a Love Live themed subreddit. And "events" are a good way to do that.​Alright, without further ado, here's what we ask you to do:We have an image of a Christmas tree in our mod HQ, which you can see in the comments. The only thing you have to do is link images under this thread, which we will place on the tree (You can ask for specific places but don't use the image of the tree. We would like to keep this organised). Now, the images must follow these rules:- it must be small (maximum of 500x500, but slight differences are acceptable). The more you send, the more they will be shrank.- follow both the general rules of reddit and our sub (not racist, must be Love Live related, not from hentai, so on).- images shouldn't be intentionally offensive, remember guys KU-RI-SU-MA-SU! No best girl fights, bullying, etc.​And yeah, that's all. Please, don't hesitate to send your random picture (which follows the rules above), it can be anything from faces to memes or your own drawn pictures. The more images you send, the more fucked up better our Christmas tree will be!​ via /r/Otonokizaka

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