Another year, nothing new in dating life 26[M]

Well today (or yesterday since 29th has passed) I turned 26[M]. I moved into the new chapter of my life with countdown to 30's being all that closer, while I enjoy my 2nd beer as I am writing this and waiting on Steam to download Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition, as well as yet again reducing my Facebook and Phone contact base, removing the people who clearly could not spare 15 seconds to put in some generic stuff like "Happy B-Day!". But that's life and you just gotta brush it aside and keep going I guess, it's not as I haven't been truth worse.​This may turn out into a bit of a Wall of Text, but you are all handy enough Wizards to navigate this text based dungeon, that is unless you roll the dice and get destroyed by a hoard of Goblins. Anyways moving along, nothing more clever to insert here. As I have already mentioned I'm a 26 [M], and since I'm posting in r/dating_advice you can already assume why I'm here and whats this Post is gonna be about, not to mention my clearly Ironic and sarcastic Username :). Well without further bullshit.​You see I'm a rather introverted person, I like most introverts can function extremely well in a social setting, but this all falls down like a house of cards when we introduce "Social + Female + Dating". When most of the time I have no problem holding my ground on wide range of interesting, silly and boring topics, I'm often finding myself trying to dig out "something" out of the reserve when it comes to talking with woman that I'm interested in "dating wise".​I had 2 relationships in my lifetime, and 1 hookup. And 3 dates that were how should I put it "Bleach please". My 1st relationship failed since it was something I jumped into being a "newb" and having to slowly earn experience to Level up from Level 1. In short the 1st relationship failed due to a number of factors, mostly in all fairness would be my fault for being "emotionally detached" and generally "logic driven" plus I been existing with "depression" since age of 15.​With all honesty I don't even know how I'm still here today, and yes I did try to pull the plug a number of times. But my depression did not play as much of a big roll here as I was also dating a 23 [F] at the time with Bi-Polar problems, which did not bother me (ever), what did bother me and did not sit well with me is general rudeness she would show towards others or in plain terms "Bitchiness". In the end she broke up with me and I moved on. We been together for 6 months only during this time.​Many moons/years later I met my 2nd ex-girlfriend, this one was just straight up crazy, were talking about 15+ phone calls a day at most worse times possible, and yes she would call me at 1:00 AM, and plenty of text messages. Well I could no longer handle this on-slaughter which was driving me insane, and in the end I ended this relationship which was shortest on my record, a whole whopping 3 weeks.​So what's the problem you ask? Well the problem is that I'm still single, I still don't know how to approach woman without being creepy due to me being nervous and generally dealing with internal chaos when it comes to dating. You see I at times sit and ponder, should I even bother to continue trying to find a female companion. Sure I'm a pretty decent Eastern European, I'm witty and have an okay sense of humour which is mostly morbidly dark or straight up dirty. Nor I'm the stupidest brick around, I got most things in control, outside of emotions which I pretend don't exist.​But in the same time I don't want to emotionally disappoint someone thus creating a chain reaction which may play out in the future dating quests. Plus I don't know how majority of woman would react to my hobbies and sexual (kinks) preferences. Dear _____, what are this odd hobbies you speak of? Don't tell me your a picking Tom. Ha, nope! On my desk one would find a stash of Manga, next to a stash of Programming books, as well as some anime figurines and video games. Which from my understanding is a major turn off, and frankly I'm not the type to abandon my anime/hentai watching hobbies just because someone thinks it's childish or nerdy.​Anime is fun way to kill time. Hentai, is well Hentai. Programming is a fun way to rage, attempt to destroy your computer just to stop realizing how absurdly pricey iMac's are and it's also a decent way to make some money on the side to buy car parts, because every race car needs car parts and they aren't cheap :(. I also happen to be a Plumber in training, which somehow also becomes a turn off for woman, I never get butt hurt by rejection or people trying to poke fun of me since I'm always disappointed myself before someone could do it for me.​But as much as I'm a bundle of anti-love and everything nice, I still wan't to have sort of a meaningful existence, making money and burning them on car parts is fine, but it's a temporary void fix really. Wait but you said being single is "okay". Ignore what I have said, it was all the beer talking.​So yeah, here is my problem when it comes to dating, yes I know I'm an asshole for writing so much and I'm sorry for it, I really had to drop few bricks from my soul, honestly a hug would do just as much but I ain't got anyone who will give me a hug, so here I am making a Wall of Text. I'm also sorry for shitty humour and an odd sense of writing as if this is some sort of a tale, granted it is my life tale :| via /r/dating_advice

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