Any non-ero dating sims made for guys? (I can explain)

Hey, so I love dating sim VNs, but even the ones I play with girl love interests and guy protagonists are clearly made for girls. Or at least the players end up being mostly girls, perhaps to the surprise of the developer who didn't intend it. The only dating sims I often see guys play are the hentai/almost hentai ones, to which I have negative amounts of interest. But I suppose I'm curious how a girl made to appeal to a guy would be like. Boys, gay option girls, and BxG girls all have very clear archetypes - sometimes stuck to a bit too well - but all with personalities and character stories that are endearing to girls. I want to know the other lens, to learn what repeating archetypes happen in the games for guys. Ok, I've rambled (I always do) but I think giving my reasons would help narrow down the kind of game I'd be looking for. Generic stuff not preferred but accepted with gratitude. via /r/vnsuggest

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