Asshole on Discord was ruining the fun for everyone else.

I'm in a small-ish (over 100 people, but only a few are active), Discord group with a couple of other chill people.Well, mostly chill people.There used to be this rotten apple in the bunch ruining it for the rest of us. For privacy and other reasons, I won't post names or screenshots, but I will list the shit he did because it still bothers me even though he left a little over a week ago.Would constantly shit talk the country I live in and its people, making me feel a little insecure about myself even though I knew I shouldn't have even though it wasn't true.Would tell Americans with origins from his country that they aren't "real" and that they "never even stepped foot in his country" when that's not even true most of the time. Yet he had the gall to call us ignorant.Threw a fucking hissy fit because someone dared to call chimichangas Tex-Mex, despite the fact that said guy was Mexican too. Like, I get being a little upset about false info, but throwing a whole hissy fit and refusing to talk to the guy instead of simply correcting him if that's what he felt the guy was doing? Real mature. Especially when you call him a "fucker" and a "SOB." Yep, reeeal mature.Literally has a grudge on someone's sister, who isn't even on our server, because he mentioned that she said Mexicans are "evil rapists" literally one time. Called her all kinds of "bitches" and "dirty sluts" and whatnot. Over a comment. An insensitive one, yes, but a comment nonetheless. I'm black, I don't go around causing a scene and holding grudges against people because they say black people are "dumb rap-loving thieves." I know it't not true, so why listen? I just label that person as ignorant as hell and move on with my day. But back to the guy. Maybe if he was nicer I would have some sympathy for him, but he's not. So fuck it.Hates the shit out of an anime because they turned one of "his gods" into a "big tit dragin waifu." It's fucking anime dammit, they do stuff like that. And iirc, multiple gods were turned into "dragon waifus" in that show. So being pissy over one is just dumb. I kinda see his point, but when he throws a hissy fit, cursing and threatening people who so much as bring the show up, that's a problem.Told me I shouldn't say that one school shooting fatality shouldn't "get to me more than another's" because "they all died in needless violence at the end of the day." Bull. Shit. That girl and her situation reminded me so much of my family. It's one thing to expect your child to come home from school everyday, but imagine sending your child overseas for a better education and then having them die over there with literally weeks left until they're due to come home. That's why it hit me the hardest when reading the article. My heart went out to everyone affected by that event, but hers especially because I COULD RELATE TO THE STORY THE MOST. I never lost anyone, but my story was similar. So yeah, maybe I was insensitive to say that, but I was literally about to cry when I said what I said. I was hoping some friend would support me. It was even more insensitive of this asshat to tell me I shouldn't feel what I feel, on top of making me feel even more shit.Had a problem with me talking about something I read when I was like 10. Mind you, this was *in an NSFW channel where we discuss kinks and other weird shit you may have come across. But no, let him be to one to shit on me for accidentally reading Pokémon porn fanfiction at 10 fucking years old. But no, let everyone else talk about questionably underage anime girls and shit. Just imagine... The kicker? I wasn't even talking to him. I was talking to another friend. He wasn't even online all day, but he pops up that one time to bitch at me.Got mad at the same Chimichanga Tex-Mex guy for making memes of a manga. Sure, it's a really fucked up manga, but it was literally just a meme. It's not like Tex-Mex was posting actual hentai scenes or anything. Asshat even went so far as to threaten a ban simply for saying the manga's name. Bitch, we're all old enough on this server to see a fucking hentai meme. Again, there's no actual porn in them, so what's the deal?Got into fights with another guy because he was being an "asshole" too. (He was, but as a joke. Everyone in the server took it as a joke. Except this dumb bitch.) Being a mod, you'd expect asshat to be a little more mature in his approach towards the guy, but nope. As you've seen, he can't be the mature adult the law says he's supposed to be. He hurled insults at this guy like a little schoolgirl, and it was just disgusting. A chill joker shot down by a dumbass with no sense of humor.Oh, and on the topic of kinkshaming, judged another guy for being a scale with some other kinks I won't get into. They weren't even that bad, but...well, you guys are reading this post. Asshats will be asshats.Screamed at the server's creator for playing SPNATI (if you guys know what that is), in the NSFW CHANNEL. WHAT THE FUCK. He might not like it, but no rules were being broken, so there was nothing he could do about it.Whined about eeeeeverything. Everything. It was annoying and I just wanted to jump through my phone and punch him dead in his fucking mouth and eat my fucking shit every time.Held a grudge against someone for being a furry...a fucking. Furry. Imagine. Sure, furry guy turns the gay up to 100 percent sometimes to the point where it's stereotypical, but he's still cool to be around. Asshat must have done something to piss him off.Threw a hissy fit (pattern much?) in another server dedicated to RP'ing with our D&D characters because someone froze his character as a story placeholder. My face punching hand was TINGLING that day.Tried to play the victim plenty of times, saying that "he had a hard life and shitty parents" and that "nobody in the server listens to him." We did, he just wanted to cry more and more when things didn't always go his way.Would rant every time someone brought up a show/movie/anime/whatever he didn't like, even if they were showing appreciation for it. A 5 minute convo between friends would turn into a half hour of an unneeded rant. That was fun.Muted half the server because we "meme too much." NOOOO, BITCH. YOU'RE A FUCKING MOD. YOU DON'T GET TO MUTE SHIT. GROW THE FUCK UP AND DO YOUR JOB.Would constantly post in the wrong channels, but throw hissy fits when we did it.This was the final straw for him. We're all in a server where we can add our own emojis, and we did. But we just happened to add some meme emojis he didn't like. Cue bitchass throwing a bitch fit like 20 year olds fucking do. Saying that "a fucking slot was being fucking taken up by a fucking letter" (the E meme.) And God forbid the time someone sent me some ahegao emojis to add. He cried and cried about that. He got so pissed over memes (It's a chill server where we joke quite a lot, so fuck him), that he left because we didn't take his opinions as general fact. Good. I'm glad the server owner banned him from ever being mod again. Hell, making him mod in the first place was a mistake. As a leader, you don't get to remove things just because you don't like it. That's stupid. "Server merging" should not be a reason to be a mod.There's probably more, but that's all I can think of for now.To asshat? If you're reading this, fuck you. Fuck the shit out of you. I tried to be nice to you because of your family life, but no. You crossed the line too many times, and I hope you go rot in your little hole. I've never said this to anyone before, but you probably deserve the shit treatment you get from everyone. The rest of the server feels much quieter without you, and I love it. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and we can all say and do things without being judged by you. Even the server owner thinks it's better without you. Go make a one person server and go scream and cry in that like a retarded fucking 4 year old.You are no longer welcome.It felt good to get all that anger and bitterness towards him off my chest. If you're still here, thank you for listening. via /r/rant

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