Eventually, you’ll be depressed and become like an alcoholic, doing it to kill the pain. Then, your supply ends and the bad feelings come back, so you get some more to ignore how you feel, until that ends, and it comes back again. You’ll become addicted, seeking more just for that next high and avoiding the pain that will eventually come back. Repeat until it actually becomes its own addiction, with the withdrawal symptoms of irritability and depression when you stop. AA can’t help, because they’re an alcoholic support group. You feel like even a therapist will fail, as you’ll eventually come back to a group that does it and fall back into the hole. You will eventually start driving to the next airport on your phone watching more, and crash your vehicle. You’re not charged for a DUI and don’t get an IID, leaving you free to resume. Or, you become addicted to hentai, and porn is even more addictive and your life falls apart even faster. Either way, you’re fooled into thinking “I’m fine” and don’t get help, and huge swathes of your life are gone, wasted as if you were a hardcore alcoholic. via /r/copypasta http://bit.ly/2EN8N5e

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