Can someone explain the problems?

I love to watch and read hentai (I draw hentai myself) and do that every 1-2 days. I have periods where I can get off to the stuff multiple times a day but I never had the feeling it influences my life in a negative way. I'm into 2D girls and my girlfriend for many years now but always kept them apart from each other (in my head - my gf knows I love hentai). I never had the feeling one is a replacement for the other apart from both being able to satisfy me sexually (2D girls more being a substitute for my girlfriend when shes not "available"). For example I get off to lolis as well but really can't stand children irl. Same for tentacle stuff and so on, I don't need it irl to get off, because I know it doesn't exist/doesn't arouse me if irl. Are the problems people are facing here something that will inevitable come or am I good the way it is now? Did you feel the same and had to learn it the hard way later? via /r/HentaiFree

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