Can't get into VNs, help with recommendation

Just as the title says, I am looking for VN recommendations but I have rather strict requirements as to what it should and shouldnt contain. Before you judge me, though, please do hear me out.I do not like anime. That said, you would probably conclude that VNs are not the right genre for me, but once again please hear me out. I did like some animes few years ago, namely FMA, Naruto, Bleach, Cowboy Bepop and everything from Studio Ghibli, but apart from these, most of the things people consider good I found just too much cringey and bad. Let me show you on an example - first episode of Attack on Titans was too much for me, I just couldnt get through the scene with leader of scout party when they returned to the city, the crying and shouting was just too excessive for me and I overally just found it too cringey and stupid.(This is just my opinion, I am not of the those people who look down and frown upon anime, if it rows your boat, watch it as much as you want, I couldnt care less. I just dont wanna come across as a dick coming to insult things you enjoy)Now, the obvious question would be - why would I want to play visual novels when I do not like anime and the usual tropes used in it? Well, I suffer from aphantasia, which means I cannot imagine things in my head, I think entirely in words and just in... knowing what I want to think. It's hard to explain. This condition is kinda ruining books for me, while I still enjoy them and I am avid reader, I just cant get enough enjoyment out of them, especially since I found out about VNs. Visual novels offer me the chance of actually seeing things the author wants me to see, which I normally cannot.Visual novel that got me into the genre was Katawa Shoujo. I loved the story, the writing and the visuals. After the that, I tried many of the famous VNs, but I just didnt enjoy them (Kara no Shoujo etc). I have the same problem with them as I do with anime - the cliché (excessive screaming, especially lolita characters), the cringe (tsunderes or too shy characters) and just in overall stupid behaviour that wouldnt happen in real life. Basicaly, what I am asking for is... more realistic characters.As for the technicalities, I liked Kamidori Alchemy Meister gameplay. I really enjoyed that and the characters, while they were the epitaph of cliché and tropes, were just below the point where I would turn it off. Sengoku Rance was a VN I played way back, because someone recommended it to me (I didnt know about the hentai) and I enjoyed the gamplay, but the both the story and behaviour was kinda stupid, but I still got way further than in different VNs.To conclude everything, what I am looking for is VN with choices, more possible endings and more realistic (western like) behaviour. It might not exist, but I figured I would give it a try. Last thing, I am really not trying to insult anyones game/reading preferences, sorry if I came across as someone trying to belittle things you enjoy, I really am not.Thanks in advance for any help or reply. :)PS: If there is anything that even wery scarcely portrays Wild West of something similiar to Stephen Kings Dark Tower, please do mention that' via /r/visualnovelsuggest

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