Confession of all my sins, give me your opinion

So I’m 16M, when I was younger, around 12 my auntie flashed me, ever since that moment I knew I loved sex and orgasms and I’ll do anything I can to get off.A month later I told my friend I wanted to be a doctor and that I know what I’m doing as an excuse to touch his asshole, and smell it. A couple months after that I brought a girl home and entered her, she later told her mum about this but I denied it, since I was too young to cum they couldn’t do anything.I then had sex numerous times with the same girl when I was around early 13.Ever since then I’ve been watching porn, it all started out with normal stuff, then it got darker with Hentai, fisting, bdsm etc. Now I find myself masturbating to depraved material.Last year I fucked a girl who went to my school, after that she accused me of rape and I think I did it, that night was blurry.On top of that I have clinical depression and anxietyAnything gets me off and I don’t know if I’m bisexual. Someone tell me if I’m a bad person or not please. via /r/confession

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