Correction on (Furries)

Watched the podcast from Friday and a lot was incorrectly brought up about Furries.Firstly a furry is anyone that finds a strong pull to anthromorphic characters. Doesn't have to be sexual, just a strong enjoyment of that style of media. Circling back to the anime analogy from the podcast this is similar to being a weeb. Yiffing would be a parallel to watching hentai, but like 2 steps further.The fandom started with people liking anthromorphic characters in cartoons/comics and getting together in early Internet days. This lead to trading tapes at these gatherings. Merch like comics were big and of course became sexualized. People started making their own characters and comics. Dressing up evolved from shirts to ears and tails to fill suits. Now it's where it is today in the more mainstream.Yiffing is very rare to happen in full suit, if at all. They are all hand crafted and VERY expensive. It's common to cost 2k+ and fluids would ruin the fur. That and the suits are VERY HOT. They don't breath hardly at all and are covered in fur. A lot of people have to wear ice vests during cons to not have heat strokes. That and/or having to air out in their room frequently during a con. Most do partial suits like ears, tail, boots and gloves. Sexuality is very heavy in the fandom, but it's mostly a vocal minority at conventions. It's vastly more popular to see comics/manga sexualized. The overwhelming majority of Furries stay to computer interactions. Role play and cybering is common.Bad dragon is a company with a huge variety of dildos, in shocking sizes and shaped to say the least.Foxes, dogs, wolves, cats and bunnies are the most common furrsonas. Foxes are one of the most common but it's easy to mix up wolves, dogs and foxes, especially because the colors vary and the ears don't. Vixens (female fox) tend to be the more sexual of the bunch.The furry community gets a bad view for a few reasons. The biggest is the misunderstanding that it's highly sexual. It's not. Just because some partake doesn't mean they all do. Similar to how some anime have panty shots doesn't mean the tentacles are around the corner. The lesser known is the depravity that has happened at conventions. A few bad apples did some really crazy stuff at rainfurrest that cost thousands in damages and there were a lot of drugs on site as well. Like a hallway littered with empty inhalant canisters. They flooded the place. Used adult diapers were found on cars in the parking. Disgusting behavior. That's a crazy small minority, 95% sit at home being introverts enjoying their comics, cartoons and maybe some smutt. via /r/h3h3productions

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