Ded9000 available NOW specially for you!

​Item Description:The new Ded9000 is our latest iteration in the entertainment/social industry, bred in the deepest bowels of the eye of terror in the bosom of Slaanesh, this lizard-man features ground-breaking technology that will change your way of living.Ded9000 takes the form of a relatively tall, eastern european white male, featuring raven-black hair, deep brown eyecolor and slight upturned eye-shape. ( Visual representation in the form of photos would be provided upon contact )​A short presentation explaining what the new Ded9000 can be found here:​Overall rating: 8.25/10Price: Attention. Not eligible for amazon or any other service other than reddit and discord.Product is charged by giving it attention, must text at least once a day to ensure smooth running.Product has a clear favoritism towards north asians and other europeans.Product is non-refundableWe are not responsible for broken feelings or tarnished pride if you use the honesty module "OVER9000"Product not available in the Philippines​Product specs:​Education, details and ambitionsEducation, details and ambitions2nd year of Bachelors in Economics and GovernanceDemisexualcore-7000 to ensure absolute loyalty to that special someoneMultilingual core with localisation for: English, German, Bulgarian, French, Russian, Italian500 GB of free memory for hentai, memes, sfm movies and anime.Work experience: 3-4 years now in game development, looking for a breakthrough in general startups nowAnimal-lover core i12 9000-seriesCan mimic human emotions such as kindness, empathy, joy and affectionHonesty module “OVER9000” seriesGroundbreaking algorithm for interest adaptation at a moment’s notice. Note, topics such as makeup, acting, gossip, celebrities and movies are not included yet. Celebrity feature is limited only to memes , Mr. Stark and Mr. StarlordDefault ambitions: Get PHD in Germany in the economic sector Move to Deutschland Make you happy Be always there for you Deliver fresh memes on daily basis. Find someone to love him back (someone other than Jesus)Ability to help you with any and all tasks that require cognitive abilitiesVisual details: Custom-evolving Slavware (made in year 1998)Featuring a memecore-10000 for absolute dank memesSelf-writing book module. Works on demand. Works for only fantasy settings.​​User reviews:- Eranso - 8.5/10" Freshest memes and best hitlerjokes of his side of the danube "- MoodyRamona - 8/10" cute but a bit of a bastard. Called me fat. Wasn’t wrong. Can deliver fresh memes on the regular tho"​- God Howard - 10/10" Now this just works"- The God Emperor - 10/10" I used him as a template for Fulgrim you know "​Questions and answersQ: Is the product really for me?A: Yes however as mentioned above, he does display a clear favoritism towards north asians and other europeans.Q: What is his real goal?A: Currently the Ded9000's main goal is to meet new people and make you happy while he still has a christmas break. He wouldn't mind a romantic relationship if the opportunity is presented however due to our latest system, Ded is a demisexual and so can only be attracted to people who he has managed to create a bond with.Q: Does he have any hidden features or special quirks?A: If you manage to roll a natural 20 on a charm spell on him and manage to bypass the demisexual shield-barrier he may demonstrate his affection by a higher quality of service and occasionally delivering gifts in the form of steam games. Other features must be discovered by interacting with Ded9000 in order to not ruin the surprises​​​ via /r/InternetFriends

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