Descriptions of the few neckbeards I’ve met

(Skip to last story if you’re impatient, it’s easily the most neckbeard-ish)Number one is actually my aunt’s ex, but I will refer to him as my uncle. He, of course, possesses a neck beard, but it’s not as bad as you’d think honestly. He’s overweight (has lost some though), and the worst part: pretentious as all hell. He brags that he’s seen over one thousand anime, and scoffs in disgust when someone watches a genre he doesn’t like (basically anything that doesn’t have a shit ton of big breasted women). According to him it seems, his opinion is always right, and he will defend it until the end of time. Up until recently, he would never try to get a job and would just sit in his house and make his kids (my cousins) do everything for him. He recently got a puppy, and of course, they have to clean up after HIS dog and he yells at them so loud I can hear it from my house (I live across the street from them). He has good features, but he’s irritating as hell. Also, he once gifted him an anime body pillow wrapped in Minion wrapping paper, which was honestly the most memorable gift I’ve ever received.Number two was my sister’s ex-husband. A typical redneck, but with an addiction to World of Warcraft to the point where he would never listen to my sister, leading to their separation. He also had a pretty impressive collection of Dragon Ball VHS tapes and such items.Number three is my brother (who I have really no problem with). Though recently shaving his beard, he’s been known to have copious amounts of hentai in his search history, and spends a lot of his time on his PS4 and watching movies (he’s also VERY critical, but I can’t say much as I am as well). He’s a bit irritating at times (and a little creepy), but he is my brother after all.And for the grand finale, a family friend of ours, who I shall call O. O is a very troubled young adult with no social skills whatsoever. He hasn’t went anywhere by himself in his life I believe, and literally, I am not exaggerating, does not leave his dad’s house unless he comes to ours with his father. He spends most of his time around us on the MLP forums, and watches a lot of Rick and Morty. I’ve also seen him on Rule 34, and he has “done his business” in front of my family several times now. I hope that one day, his life will improve, as he seems like a kind person with a lot of mental health issues. via /r/justneckbeardthings

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