Discussion on how we can win the war

I’m not sure if this is allowed but fuck it, here's my idea:​I propose a three-point plan which focuses on strengthening our war effort. The only way we can win is through posting high-quality content, maintaining a strong defense, and staging a powerful attack.#1. High-Quality OCWe need to get ourselves together and pump out never before seen content in order to regain control. To do this, we need to make memes that don’t cover any common subject on this sub such as, but not limited to, the following:RomeThe CrusadersThe Opium WarRussian Winter“How many upvotes can ______ get?”Especially that last one. The key to winning is quality. Note that the memes don’t have to be anti-r/Animemes. Think outside the box.#2. Defending the SubAs you may have already seen, our front page has been bombarded with hentai and anime memes. While the front page has been lost, it can be regained once more. Brave soldiers, I urge you to sort by new and take the battle to where memes are at their weakest. Upvote the pro-r/HistoryMemesOC and open fire at the pro-r/Animemes. Once we take control of new we can then take to the front page and retake it from the heathens.#3. Staging Our CounterattackJust as r/Animemes has taken our front page, we can do the same. We must go to their sub and sort by new, and upvote any anti-r/Animemes OC we can. Our lone operatives there need our help and we must give it to them. Try using their own anime against them. Target their waifus. Show no mercy. Once we establish a few truly high-quality memes, we can begin the bombardment.Every upvote counts! We want you to enroll in the r/HistoryMemes army today and help us defeat the degenerate web scum. We must not let our sub fall to those monsters.​I'm curious as to what you think we should do. via /r/HistoryMemes https://ift.tt/2PCehRo

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