Discussion: r/historymemes v r/animemes tactics

...its kind of ironic that we're largely dedicated to taking the piss out of poor strategic manoeuvres, and yet a minority of us declare war on a manic asian territory with no prior understand of sub warfare, or discussion of tactics or allies.r/animemes literally live in visual art, the basis of internet memes, and have a near endless supply. This is a wholly lopsided battleground as we let them pile in with no bans or post removals. All we have now on both sides is a flood of meta shit about the sub war. We need to change the game and bring the battle to them.What do we know about the enemy?Posts must be anime or anime related.Posts must be image based.They have the following Allies: r/historyanimemesWe out number them.They're weebs, and therefor impervious to insult as they are self-deprecating.?Potential Allies for us to drive this home?r/polandballr/prequelmemes (have unofficially agreed to join us)r/LOTRmemesr/surrealmemes (that shit might get weird)r/trebuchetmemes?r/roughromanmemes are already pulling way above their weight (good on you chaps, V).Lets build a strategy here.Oh, and lets not forget, no genocide jokes or hentai. Geneva convention applies. via /r/HistoryMemes https://ift.tt/2RZQXz7

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