Do not give them more tentacle fuel!

You guys do know that anime and hentai were created because of WWII, right? A war created weebs and here's a brief story of how it happened:Porn became so strange because of 1853 contact with the americans warships making the political leaders think that japanese porn/culture/technology was behind the western defaults, forcing them to increase the restrictions on their pornographic art.Same pornographic art that was seen as common and show openly in public places.To bypass it they started adding tentacles and stuff that weren't exactly banned by law. Things got worse after WWII as the americans kinda "freed" them from some of the laws, increasing the artistic freedom and creating a rising wave of hentai mangas that would be eventually shared globally.WWII also put the japanese people in need of motivation and the censorship freedom created mangas were the objective was to take Japan away from depression, to give them a proud feeling about the society they lived, same thing done by the USA with their Superheroes being created around WWII.Astro boy was born in 1952 and the art style of having big eyes to show compassion on expressions, the happy vibe and the behavior of a young boy set the global path to many other mangas and so also animes.TLDR: Americans freed Japan from the "no weird weeb shit" law after WWII, and so created anime/hentai as it is now. This war will only give them more hentai fuel. via /r/HistoryMemes

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