Does anyone else think quinx squad are kind of pointless?

I just started watching :Re and I feel like if the quinx squad adds nothing to the story. If they just weren't in the series and everything they did was just done by already existing ccg characters I think the plot wouldn't lose anything. Shirazu is okay I guess, he adds a little to the story, and maybe tooru but the entire group just feels like they were forced in to add "character/personality" to the show rather than actual quality and are all just walking stereotypical anime archetypes:-Shirazu(not annoying): archetype is the dopey/kind of dumb guy who is hyper and energetic and makes rash decisions but is smart/analytical sometimes and is a genuinely good guy-Tooru(not annoying): archetype is the very nervous newbie who is still weak but has a lot of potential and is very shy but nice-Urie(very annoying): archetype of "guy who acts like a dick because he has low self esteem/is insecure and wants to prove himself and is angry at the world because his dad died" what really annoys me about him is that: (a) his only thoughts are talking shit about everyone else and trying to be better than them (b) he blames every other fucking character for his father's death when only one character was actually related to it in any way whatsoever (c) Kuroiwa was ordered to retreat but urie still acts like he personally killed his father (d) is constantly bitching because his daddy is dead when literally every other major character has one dead parent, most have two(hell, hinami's mother was murdered right in front of her and i'm pretty sure touka's father was too), and have had completely shit lives aside from that as well, but they don't blame everyone else in the fucking world and aren't constantly whining. Also this trope is overdone, we've seen it in nearly every action anime-Saiko(most annoying): archetype of "weird quirky neet girl who's always saying le random funny things rawr xD" she is the most annoying because she is literally useless and her archetype is pretty overdone in anime, but that's not the worst part. the worst part is that she is just forced humor and adds the least to the plot, and she isn't even funny, her "humor" is the most forced shit ever that only a middle school emo kid would like, in my opinion she's just fanservice for pedos and hentai addicts. via /r/TokyoGhoul

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