Does the term loli have undertones for you?

Just wanted some opinions from you guys. I've seen many people view the use of loli as automatically being tied to sexual undertones recently. I know that the word originated from a 1955 novel called lolita which depicted a relationship between an adult and underage girl. So obvious undertones there. Also the Japanese use lolicon as we use pedophile...right? Not sure myself. Anyways it would be easy to confuse both loli and lolicon. I know that some Japanese words have been given different meanings in English fandoms. An example would be hentai. We use it to label drawn porn but in japan it just means pervert. And some words stay the same in both languages like tsundere.I always used the word to just describe anime looking characters that look like prepubescent girls regardless of the age assigned to them. Have I been living a lie? lolWhat are your thoughts? Be civil plz. via /r/anime

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