2014:"i like it in the fallopian tube" -matt douglass"i want 500 pounds of amputated penis" -kara rydelek"never eat tofu; it tastes like ass and not even good ass" -christian rakoczy"Owen punched his grandma""who's throwing them wet carrots" -kara rydelek2015:Owen Hallock: "if you don't stop tickling me I'm going to blow up this bus."Allen: "you know what really grinds my ass?" proceeds yells at drumlineOwen: "Where's my phone" Logan: "Up your ass." Owen: "Can you get it I can't reach?" Logan: "If you want me to go that deep.""Your pepe's are uncommon." -Matt BreslinSpencer: "classy, just like me." burps2016:"If I had breast milk I would feed myself."-Danny Noe"Baritones be tighter!"-Petey Ho Ho"I put my hand inside the hole... It hurts..." - Sam Gross 4:29am"I can bring any man to his knees"-Sam GrossSam: "Ho-Oh's gonna kill himself. He's running out of PP." Me: "You have a Pokemon named Petey Ho Ho?"Sam: "Did you know there's Skyrim hentai?" Danny: "It's not hentai." Sam: "Okay, it's a porn comic but it's still good."Sam: "Whats the point of ice types if water types can learn ice type moves?" Me: "I don't know Sam. What's the point of living?"Steve Surina: "You guys march like shit, I'm about to go stand in the middle of strobel road and hope I get hit by a car." John Granada: "Yeah and I'm gonna be the one that hits you."Steve Surino: points to football field lights "You see those lights? If you keep marching like that I'm gonna be hanging from those tomorrow."Taco: To Sam "Okay I'll give it to you louder big boy""Kes lets all hang ourselves together" - Neve"You're ripping it's asshole!"-Michael Collins to Jimmy at the jazz festival"He has more than one hole"-Dan Pitagora"I put the crayon in the hole"-Dan PitagoraMichael Collins: pulls up on Timmy's tie "Come here big boy""You were a failed abortion."-Falbo to 90%"Do you have any emotion?"-Petey Ho Ho"Roses are red." "Violets are violet." "Kys." -Taco 3/4/16, 10:47pm"Hillary got ass pounded by Bernie."-Kes"It's not gay if it's in international waters." "Is it still murder if it's in international waters?" "Sucking dick and killing someone is the same thing""I want to have a beard."-Michael CollinsDanny: "if you could prevent one tragedy what would it be?" Doug: "mom giving birth to you.""I'm 70% memes and 30% anxiety"-Eric EisdorferAustin Jin: "look on Craigslist for a school bus." Bont: "if we get raped we get raped. At least we'd get a school bus out of it."Danny: "Griffins been dying to tongue something like this." Mike Rivnak walks in instrument room Mike: "woah what.""I don't have dreams. Only nightmares." -Michael Wise"Just the tip"-Steve Surina and Petey Ho Hosees birds moving around in bushes "Wow they're fucking" raccoon comes out Jason bolts"I can look at flutes" -David Turcheck"I'll show you how to finger it" -David Turcheck"If I had a dollar for every time I was called a racist I would probably get mugged by a black person." -Timmy Ferrelyflipping tuba upside down "I feel like a french horn trying to find where this spit is." -Mike Rivnak*Horton to Trumpets during España "Don't get hard down there."erica points out Steve's purple shirt "You're a flute!" Steve: "yeah okay I'm gonna kill myself."Steve To: "Steve looks like a grape""Don't use potatomeat notes."-Klam"Why would you go to the store to buy store brand crackers when you go to a school full of them."Neve: "Michael Collins is my daddy." Michael Collins: "Neve I'm not your daddy."Lizzy: "Michael Collins is like a cream filled doughnut." Borba: "I want to be his cream filled donut.""What if we are all just frozen butter?"-Owen HallockNeve: "Terriakian is special. He was made in the sky."Kevin: "what is dressing?" Neve: "it's something you put on salad.""I'm not going to school on 9/11. I'm gonna go to New York and bomb the Eiffel Tower." -Neve"Don't put a D in there"- Mr. Turcheck day 7"Is today 9/11?" -Rachel Vincent"Somewhere deep down inside of you, you all have emotions." - Petey Ho HoHorton: "Everyone is looking to who most importantly for tempo?" entire hornline - OOO MICHAEL COLLINS Horton to Michael: "use big expressions." Michael Collins: begins to take off jacket Hornline: "OOO MICHAEL COLLINS TAKE IT OFF"Mr. T: "how many people here began playing an instrument in Elementary School?" 70% of the bus raises hand Mr. T: "alright now everyone put your hand up. This is the answer you give every time I ask if anyone started playing an instrument in Elementary School."Horton: "It doesn't matter what you look like just play"Kevin: "I kill three niggers a day." Carrington: walks by in silenceGriffin: takes off shirt Mr. T: "That's strange." Entire bus: chanting "let's get sexy"gets called to attention mouthpiece guard flies out of bell Michael Collins slowly walks over and picks it up while making eye contact throughout entire motion"Damn it you're good looking." -A kid in my English class to Will Knatuk"Pump me daddy" -Griffin to Michael Collinsfootball team tries to block sidewalk when we are running Michael Collins leads the block and just keeps running Michael Collins tackles football players"Are you watching or are you guys touching each other back there?" -Mr. Horton"I grew six inches in six months. My back is literally fucked, the stretch marks look like someone whipped me like a slave." -Griffin"I eat reed." -Neve"Put a little ding dong in the hole" -Gretchen"Please please please get flaccid quick" -Michael Wise"Just because I touched his dick doesn't mean I'm gay" - Chris Migcaz"I want my ears to be raped" -Ashwin"I'm straight as a stick but I'd take Chris's throbbing 24 inch long cowboy cock anyday" -Ashwin"It's true though, I've touched many dicks, but I wouldn't take them up the ass" -Chris MigcazTrumbull: shaking and crying in retreat block at BOA Lambert: "uhh are they okay?""Stop Looking at my dick!"-Michael Collins 2016Abby: "That charger is so massive." Jacob: "Just like me... Wait no I didn't mean to say that"Michael Collins: "why aren't you running?" Abby: "I don't run unless my life is in danger." Michael Collins: "well it's about to be."2017:"I don't care if it's gay. Captain America is hot." -Doug NoeMichael Collins: finishes solo in Magnum Mysterium "fuck me.""You're so sharp. Pull out about 18 miles." - HortonHorton: "back in the olden days I would be allowed to say this. But if I say it now I would be called a racist. This jazz band sounds... like..." Griffin: "are you saying we sound too white?" Horton: "yes.""Mississippi Mississippi Hot Oven Mississippi Oven Hot Hot Oven Baby Mississippi Hot Oven Baby""Get out of my class. Go read a bible or something." -Mrs. Serrano"Truth or dare." "Dare." "So... are any of your cats boys?"Horton: angrily "thank you for paying attention!" Rachel: "you're welcome.""Why is there Braille in the band room? Blind people can't be in marching band, or even read music." "Maybe it's for the people in drivers ed," "Think about what you just said for a second.""Only 5 more minutes until that sex machine enters my home"-Chris Migacz, talking about Santa Claus on Christmas Eve"Shut up cum drop Dracula" - Matt Breslin"Make sure you right down the date so you don't lose track of this paper. Today is 4/20." "Don't worry Mr. Jones I won't forget this day"Matt: "what's my name." Christian: "Trumpet Daddy?""I want to be a women so that I can grow up to be a hot 60 year old cougar" -Doug noe"It's ok to have vaginal sex straight after anal right?" - Chris Migacz in the instrument room"You need to learn how to get soft!" - Horton"Imagine the doctor taking his finger and putting in your..." - Horton"Black people can't swim" - Chris Migacz, in front of our black bus driver"I like orgs." - Jacob Fried"Bad doesn't even describe him. He's disgraceful, he's putrid! In fact, I looked up the word putrid in the dictionary. There's no definition. It's just a picture of fucking Brayden Johnson" - me ranting about Brayden"Why is my nose a dick!" - Chris Migacz"I'm gonna drill three holes in your dick so when you pee... you pee in all different directions @ Mr. Horton- Jack Forster"This is the threesome of my dreams" -Micheal wise sitting next to chris and Abby"Ok... I know I'm gay" - Chris Migacz"they gettin fucked without Vaseline" - Ice Cube"Gimme a big flat scale" - Nik"Let's throw up some chunks" - Steve Surina"I want dick" - Chris MigaczJoseph: "What does Macabre mean?" Michael Wise: “Death...”Devin Kelly: “oh my god you literally give me ear aids”“Don’t lay an egg on the field.” -Austin AveryClarita: “why are you eating candy it’s bad for your instrument.” Sarah Dawson: “so is gasoline.”Alex gay: sits down Bell: rings right when ass touches the seatAustin- “You guys don’t know black culture. We had to learn your culture because the bad guys won. walks away The bad guys won”.Alex Gay: “sorry I don’t eject the Devils lettuce into my urethra.”“Can you please punch me in the liver.” - Neve“Do you know what rhythm is” - Owen Hallock“I was thinking about potatoes while we were playing Jupiter and my mouth got watery so now my mouthpiece is all spitty.”“What is wrong with you.”“If its a hole it’s a goal”-Dan Pitagora“I would top that bitch. Control him like a fucking puppet. My big gay puppet.” -Nick talking about having sex with Evan“How do you succ” -Nick Siwanowicz“The patri archy”- Carlie SiwanowiczCarlie: “We only learned about the internal parts of the vagina.” Nina: “There’s external parts?”Luke: “what’s this?” *shows auswutiz card”“Dick Chaney is Jesus?” -CarlieNick: “is that why mom has trouble pooping?” in context of his dad using a “doing it the Butt” card“My butt has to let out gas” -Carlie“It’s like baseball but with the blood of Christ”“Pitifuls”- Luke trying to say pedophiles“Chromosomes all over the carpet” -CarlieNick: “Steve’s mom died.” everyone laughs Carlie: “Thats serious. You should feel envy for him”“Your nipples kinda look like eyes” -Nick Siwanowicz via /r/u_UmbreHonest https://ift.tt/2RyduCy

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