Fell Backward, but ONWARDS toward life goals

I slipped up yesterday evening after feeling triggered by some things. Did not fall into the dark binge I have in the past or guilt shame and repression. Didn’t feel interested at all in what I was looking at, looked at hentai but brain won’t let me look at people to people porn, part of my healing. And even what I looked at it was flat to my senses. Also was on a server talking to someone just out of boredom which was the trigger of wanting actual physical intimacy with a real person. I erased the server again and I am aiming to make it to February nofap no pmo no ‘fake’ relationships on servers. Life is Changing, laughter is happening, feeling of joy and hope starting to consume my body mind spirit. ONWARDS!! Thank you community. via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2A2fNHz

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