Fell off the wagon, and getting back on

As the title states, it is time to get back on the wagon. I guess I can say it was my ego telling me that it was okay to continue the porn viewing until the new year, but I decided to take charge now. I've relapsed these past 3 weekends as a reward for my week's of hard work and to also get rid of my sex toys(the other excuse). The reason why I decided to do it now is because this weekend was pretty bad. I started downloading a bunch of porn Friday night and Saturday morning in preparation for the incoming session, and this all led to disruption of my sleep and other priorities that needed to be taken care of.Before this, I had a streak of 1 month, relapsed, went on another streak, then the above mentioned. I want to live a life where porn doesn't share a piece of it, which I'm sure, a life we all strive for. Before this relapse, I had deleted all of my locally saved porn as a step in the right direction, but porn is so damn accessible these days that it is just easy to falter. However, I won't be taking any steps to block websites or any of that, but rather to resist through sheer will because I'm stubborn like that. In addition, I'll be burning my hentai books and ecchi wall scrolls. I contemplated in selling them, but it was too much work(lol). And finally, it was creating this thread. I was scared to create a thread when I started my pornfree journey the first time because I had an irrational fear of putting myself out there.In conclusion, I'm proud that I was able to express my thoughts and feelings. It is quite liberating, to be honest. Thanks for taking the time to read this. My other goal with this was to motivate others that have fallen off the wagon to get back on. The New Year is coming guys! It is time to kick porn in the fucking nuts and take back what is rightfully ours!I apologize for my possibly poor articulation and rudimentary writing abilities. Something else I would like to improve on. Haha! via /r/pornfree http://bit.ly/2EMhTix

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