Hentai/loli addicts I'd like to know you're experience with NoFap. I am one and need help.

So I'm a hentai/loli addict chiefly. It is fucking disgusting I know... I hate it and lately it's been bothering me more than ever. I think I may be a pedophile. I see children in public. I don't have any desire to do anything to or with them but the fact that I'm noticing them at all in a even remotely impure way is really raising every red flag in my head.Long ago... I used to just say to myself, "it's just cartoons and they are not real so who cares". We all know that porn escalates, you start off normal, you get addicted, then you move on to harder stuff, but all along I convinced myself that it was just a sick fantasy.I don't have any desire to do or harm anyone or anything. It's just that in addition to my moral issues with the comics/hentai and the fact that I feel awkward (more so than ever) around kids... it's just too much. I hate what I've become. This cannot go further.I need help but cannot afford proper therapy at this time and even if I could I worry they'd lock me up or put in a safe room... Really I think I'm for the most part a good person but I think that NoFap is what I need right now and in the future therapy but for now this is literally all I've got.I know I'm fucked up but I need help. via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2U5IvzG

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