How can you move forward from your past self?

I've(22M) been dealing with forms of self-hate and guilt for a good amount of time now over my past actions. To put it simply in my late teenage years I had an incest kink with my porn habits. I had also enjoyed normal porn as well as the time if that helps. I had watched live-action/comics/hentai manga of the genre, some of which looking back haunts me. Some hentai, in particular, disturb me looking back. but I can't deny that I one time I enjoyed this content. A little after I had turned twenty, the genre began to simple disgust me, and I stopped looking since. But I've been dealing with feeling a lot of disgust for enjoying the weird stuff. I know a lot of teens see weird porn out of curiosity, but I'm not sure how to recover my self-confidence. its harmed my self-image of myself and has made it hard to keep a positive mental state at has affected how I interact with friends and family, I always have this fear that they could find out, even if it isn't a part of my life. I often feel like I don't deserve to be happy or I'm some kind of freak for at once enjoying some of that content, I'm simply looking to how to move on from this. via /r/mentalhealth

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