How come people say there is no rape culture when porn is mostly rape?

So I like hentai (mostly in manga) and watch porn. However all of this is getting frustrating because 90% (eventhough I check the tags for vanilla and cons) majority of What I find ends up being rape - to which the one raped ends up liking it - Like What the fuck?I wonder if it is me looking in the wrong places or What. Plus, in real Life porn guys often have huge penis (scary) and the Female actriz is dry during majority of it (Jesus christ O.O) and on top of that some of the moans really sound just like she is trying to hide the pain ( this last point my boyfriend Did not notice until i pointed out).So, How come there is no rape culture if this is What you get with vanilla and cons tags? Am I extrapolating too far? via /r/Feminism

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