I can't stand my mom anymore. All we do is quarrel, and I always feel like everything I say or do is wrong. I just want to get away from her. What should I do?

My mom is a lovely woman, but she is overprotective and always criticize me even tho I'm 21. I'm tired of her and I want to get away but I'm broke and got no job to leave, plus I go to college in the area. What should i do? I used to watch incest porn and hentai but I knew it's fiction and never really fantasized about getting laid with my own mom. I just want to leave and live my life. I feel like she is the main reason of my shyness, social anxiety and my virginity.BTW it's my day 6 of no fap. via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2Bj8hYo

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