I do some REALLY weird and f*cked up dream, why ?

Hello everyone ! I'm french so sorry if my writing isn't the best.So, i may have a little problem, every night i make some really weird dream, here are some exemple.- Dreamed of an amazing video game that didn't exist, this was a battle royal game, in fps, the most brutal and gruesome game ever made, i remember punching a guy in the head with a shovel, then his head just explode, people being dismembered with sword ect.. then, i don't know how, i was in a room with people playing this game, and the game just transform himself in an hentai game .. like why ?- Another night, i was watching a race with mailman car, one of the car just drove off a cliff, everyone was thinking that the driver was dead, everyone rushed to help him, he get out of the car saying "This was not a suicide don't worry", then he pulled a gun and shoot himself.- I've dreamed A LOT of time about driving a vehicle (bike, car, plane ect..) and everytime the dream end by myself crashing somewhere and dying. Yay.- 2 night ago, i've dreamed of a girl nammed Chloé, we were in a house, being attacked by a gang (???) , when we finished fighting them, i have talked with the girl, she was so sweet, perfect, with beautiful black hair ect.. i remember her perfectly, but didn't know her in real life, how is this possible ?- Dreamed of my bed being litteraly invaded with centipede, i remember feeling them crawling everywhere on my body, then i feel a weird sensation near my ass (yeah i know), proceed to verify what that was, and pull out a GIANT white centipede, disgusting as hell.And a lot more, i'm not afraid of them, because i like this kind of stuff, but this disturb me a little, i want to know how i can "explore them" ? How can i explore my subconscious ?(I have a really bad childhood, violence, abusive parents ect.. maybe this have something to do with it ? Also i'm doing weed sometimes, and i've taken MDMA just 3 time, don't plan to do more, i don't know if this can be helpful ?)Anyway, thank you for reading, and even if i don't know what you can answer me, or what you can do to "help" me, im sure that some of you will have something greatly beneficial to me, again, sorry for the really broken english. via /r/Dreams https://ift.tt/2BW46n1

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