I dreamed I was watching a Dauntless movie and it was actually pretty good

In the dream, I was watching the movie with my friends. It was about three young slayers in training. They fought a few behemoths in the field together, a Gnasher, a Pangar, and the like. One day they came across a really weird one that was like black liquid and it could form tentacles (one of my friends watching the movie in the dream said "I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going").They had trouble fighting this thing because it couldn't be hurt until the main guy saw it had a core hidden in the ground and destroyed it right as a tentacle impaled him through the chest. They had won, but the guy was dying so they quickly got him back to town. A doctor patched him up and saved his life, but unfortunately he was in a coma.A few days later, one of his friends came in to check on him while he was unconscious and saw his arm had morphed into a tentacle and it was feeling around the room. She screamed and it quickly turned back into his arm. The other friends didn't believe her, saying the room was kinda dark and she was tired. Must have been her imagination.Eventually, the guy woke up. He said he'd dreamed about the aether world and the behemoths as they were forming. Said humans shouldn't be killing them because they weren't evil. Nobody would listen to him and he got mad. He got so mad at one point that he grabbed a mug and threw it across the room... except it hadn't been within reach when he grabbed it. Everyone saw his arm stretch as he did.They locked him up because they didn't trust him. He kept yelling through the door about not killing behemoths anymore. That night, while everyone was asleep, his body morphed into liquid and long tendrils snaked under the door. They spread out through the building and touched each slayer on their foreheads while they dreamed, giving them the same visions of the aether world. Everyone woke up the next morning and talked about what they'd seen. They released the guy and told everyone in town to stop killing the behemoths until they could investigate further.The final scene of the movie showed the three friends traveling down a road outside of town. Two of them were walking in front of the main guy, just talking and laughing. Behind them, the guy's arms transformed again and straight up decapitated both of his friends. He smiled and looked towards the town. There was smoke rising, distant screams, and the sound of a Helion roaring. Then the credits rolled. via /r/dauntless https://ift.tt/2QApkz4

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