I feel like I need a waifu, not as a replacement but it's just something I need in my life

I miss her and a waifu is not going to replace her, nothing can but, I just need someone that will treat me well I guess, how do I say this? I don't need someone to kiss me and love me, no, that's just fecking wrongI just need someone that... maybe close? I dunno, I am watching these hentai mangas and I feel very happy with the endings, this guy always gives them a cute ending to them and some real touch to them, and I dunno, I love them and nut but then I fucking feel like there's something left in my life, no I don't need a very close friend like the ones I have, I need "a waifu", and I don't mean a anime girl because that's impossible I mean a real personHow do I define waifu? I don't know, I find it frustrating, this girl in one manga loved the guy and was very cool, but gets shy and quiet in sex, the other one was obsessed with just doing anything her boyfriend did. I don't know, maybe, maybe those are examples? or maybe not? She was my waifu before, my ex, so it fucking sucks now, I feel like I am gonna go crazy if I don't get things together and one of the things missing on my life is not just her, she's the main thing but I also need a waifu, or well, what makes my friends not waifus? they are unique in their own way and I always point out those features of them, but I dunno, maybe I just feel like I shouldn't be with them? I am boring and mean, I don't put enough dedication on them, just, no, why do they even like me? I guess I am asking for someone that despite of this I can still feel happy hanging around with, where even if I am boring or annoying they somehow make me feel like that doesn't matter, I mean they don't make me feel like that matters but also don't make me feel like that doesn't matter. I just need someone. I do appreciate my friends but there's a empty place that they can't fill via /r/rant http://bit.ly/2TgPRPp

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