I got fucked by a spirit

So I was sitting down around 2 am watching hentai in peace. I kept hearing some fucking banging in my closet but I thought it was my slave. See I wasn’t sure if it was banging or scratching which were two different things that my slave does whenever he needs something. Anyway the banging stopped. I thought my slave slept so I was like finally I can nut. SEE WHAT HAPPENED IS, SOME FUCKING COLD ASS AIR PASSED MY DICK AND I FELT SO FUCKING GOOD. I groaned a bit so I asked the air “oh please air-Chan fuck me” my dumbass really thought air was giving me head but then it started SPEAKING. I couldn’t understand shit cause the bitch sounded like it was Latin so I just pointed at my dick and made sex gestures. The spirit appeared and my god it was one of those 1880 sexy females. Her tits were larger than my horse’s nuts during summer. She fucking stripped down and placed her thighs on the sides of my abdomen. She leaned down and started sweeping my dick around her fucking ghost pussy. I don’t understand how Casper wasn’t fucking bitches like damn nigga the ghost pussy is so much better than real pussy. Anyways she starts to ride me and moaning in ghost language. It was so fucking hot like she is thick as fuck and her tits bounced like a bitch. I couldn’t grab her tits but I felt the air when I reached them. So she gets off my dick and starts SUCKING LIKE A MOTHA FUCKA GHOST BUSTER VACUUM. No wonder those niggas hunted ghosts they were looking for hotties. But Like on god I felt my spirit leaving my body and I was shaking like a blender. I started to yell Japanese quotes and shit then boom I nutted. I got mad because she didn’t swallow but instead that shit went right back on my dick and landed a bit on my stomach. That’s shit got me mad but she was still sucking and I was shaking like I was electrocuted. She then smiled and started to give me a TITJOB. My boner was somehow still there and fuck man her tits got me sucked up like mmm it was fucking nice. I closed my eyes and I couldn’t feel it anymore. She left and I was sad but it’s alright cause that shit was the best sex I ever had. I’m aboutta get a ouija bored and call her back so I’ll cya all later. via /r/copypasta http://bit.ly/2R19izn

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