I have some questions about the war. Both sides please help.

So if a post has or is anime, but is about history, is it a history meme or an animeme? 1.5- If the answer to 1. is animeme, does that mean that it is on the side of historymemes because it focuses on history, or animemes because it has or is anime.Are pics about the war or anime that don't have any actual anime in them count as viable participation in the war if posted to the animemes page? 2.5- If the answer to 2. is yes, does that mean that any anime posted on the historymemes page have to be anime that qualifies as teachable history, or can it be anything? (I'm pretty sure teachable history is older than 10 years, but don't quote me on that. Look it up for yourself like a real historian.)Is any side actually making original content? I ask this because too many posts on historymemes are just "haha weebs funny joke". However animemes isn't much better since almost everything I see there is: A. waifus spams B. Spamming the "haha look at history memes drown in our hentai and stuff" C. Hentai D. More waifus E. Even more waifusThis last question is for people from animemes so history people you don't have to listen to this. Now I am not asking this last question as a joke, or to anger anyone,I am asking this as a legitimate question. Why is there so much zero 2 everywhere. Someone please tell me, but in a way that doesn't just amount to good waifus or best girl. Like I understand darling in the franx was popular,but it ended a while back. Why is she still everywhere. Also konosuba girls and satania. Like I understand them going away and then coming back for a bit after a while, but no, they are just always everywhere.Anyway, if you answer my questions then thank you, it's a big help for me understanding the nature of just what the hell is happening while I wait for all my memes to normalize via /r/HistoryMemes https://ift.tt/2QvFWc6

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