I made a bet I couldn't find one in the next 30 pub games without it going sour. It looks like I won.

I made a log comprising of one or two sentences of each pub game I joined over the last week or two. So far haven't finished one.l4d2 pub logFinish first round; someone on other team suicides at beginning; they don't kick him; vote to restart round; he goes afk; all die at beginning; I find another gameBegin first round; get to drop in floor at nomercy; somebody runs back up to the beginning and sits there; vote kick fails; a minute passes; the person says "how do I use voice chat?"; I find another game.Join game in second map. It's a slot from quitters in the first map as score is ~300 to 500 with other team about to complete map entirely. Play through 2 maps with 2 friends joining, one leaving, 2 people joining my team, then "switching" to other team; One is vote kicked for it. Play 2v4 most of the time as 9 others come and leave. Eventually leave because it's no fun.Join game in 2nd map. During the time about 20 come and leave. My team has a full attrition several times over. Several griefers suiciding and running off without kits. Map restarts don't pass. In 4th level, elevator glitches and other team insists on a restart. Vote fails about 8 times before passing. They get all edgy and all quit before the end of the map, thus shutting down the game entirely.Lobby join; complete level with enemy having <100 points. Annihilate them when they're survivors with 500-200 or so points. Second map everybody on other team quits shutting down the server.Join second map; Close score; 2 teammates run off abandoning everybody else. One tries to kick the other. Turns into chat bicker. Next map one burns us with moltov and the other guy not involved leaves because it's stupid. I decide to leave at that point.Begin game from lobby. Other team quits before we leave the saferoom. Server shuts down.Join during finale. Somebody comments "this server sucks". I assumed they were just whining, but I noticed all pings were 150+ and it was a local, insecure server. The person hosting it was VAC banned.Join in lobby. Game goes fairly well, except a teamkiller joins in 3rd round. He gets kicked but it's too late. Another player leaves and I leave shortly after that.Join in a lobby. Game going normal. Other team gets good tank wipe in 2nd map and we get a quad-cap in the beginning of the third map. All of them quit in the next few minutes to be replaced by a few new players. It turns into a 3000 to 1000 pubstomp and I leave before finale because I lost interest.Join hentai rape stupidity; leave immediatelyJoin a game; kick a guy about 1 min in as infected that's doing nothing. Same map, another guy suicides a tank. Can't kick him, one guys leaves, other guy doesn't vote, I just leave.Another hentai rape gameStart from lobby; all players on my team rage during second map. No real good reason why. Score / whatever was close.Start another from lobby; one guy suicides as survivor and switches teams. I start a vote to kick him off infected team. It fails. I block the steamid and leave.Join another game in finale. One person on each team spamming 8 year old insults at each other like who is gayer and who has sex with their dad and won't play the game. I end up blocking the two and leaving.Started a game from lobby. In 4th map a player joins slot of one who was kicked while doing stupid stuff like try to shove a charger off and run off to elevator during event and heal out there and ends up dying. New player joins their slot and saying racial slurs over chat. Vote to kick fails... death charge fails... trash talk... death charge knocks last one off. 3 on other team ragequit. One new one joins, the other changes to our team and suicides down elevator shaft on next map. All quit.Start from lobby. Finish first round as infected. Begining of second round, teamkiller, suicider at start. Restart game. Play until second round when someone with lerp-cheats joins other team. They take the team down with super-long tank arms; 2 quit. 2 more join and they make tons of rookie mistakes. Other team has afk guy and get pissed we attack and wipe; We say we don't feel sorry since they won't kick their cheater. Game falls apart from there.Start from lobby. Guy on other team unhappy with server/ping. Suicides and leaves. It shuts down; back to lobby.Immediately on joining, witness a speedhacker. Other team refuses to kick them. I leave. https://streamable.com/u32unJoin a new game. Within 3 seconds of loading in, someone starts a vote to kick me saying I'm afk. It fails. He starts doing dumb stuff like sniper-team damage and not picking teammates up. I end up blocking and leaving.Another speedhacker. I'm tired of recording demos of it. They have 2 vacbans and 1 gameban already so it doesn't matter. I block and leave.Start from lobby. Guy on other team suicides off roof. Other teammates won't kick him. I find another game.Start a game from lobby. On second map, while playing survivor, after killing tank, all 4 on other team rage. Score was otherwise close.Join another map in lobby. At first cap, other team probably has 10 hours gametime combined and tries to shove a charger off and stands there for about 20 seconds while someone gets smoked to death. I just leave because it's stupid.Join second map. On third map, other team has teamkiller, they kick him. Speedhacker again and other team refuses to kick. https://streamable.com/ftapwHentai rape gamestart from lobby. On second map, a troll gets kicked. Two more immediately join and cause problems. Kick one, my teammate leaves while the second one is causing problems. Try to kick, but nobody else votes. End up leaving game.Hentai rape gameStart from lobby. 4 people total in game. Over the next 5 mins, several join and several quit. Game never fills up.Hentai rapeHentai rapeStart from lobby. Everybody quits on second map after a bunch of desparaging remarks like "tryhards" etc.Start from lobby with 2 friends. In second map while playing infected, the entire other team quits after one good hit.Join another game. Opposing team super sketchy. 2 of them running around with speed-jump scripts and glitchy/micro-teleporting movement. When we're survivor, tank spawns when we just leave the saferoom and a charger spawns right next to us in the saferoom.Start from lobby. Goes well enough to progress to fourth map and we get a troll who starts healing people with 80 health and refusing to cover teammates, one quitsModded server with a malicious motd that you can't exit. It persists through other server joins. Need to restart game. via /r/l4d2 https://www.reddit.com/r/l4d2/comments/a3g83x/i_made_a_bet_i_couldnt_find_one_in_the_next_30/?utm_source=ifttt

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