I met the most disgusting neckbeard ever

So...to start this off. I don't really post on reddit, but this story needed to be told. I'm a 17 yr old Junior in highschool. I'd consider myself more of a nerdy girl (as much as I hate saying that). It also dosent help that I live in a very small town that's mostly made up of "cowboys" and farmers. I've always been the outcast monotone goth girl at this town, and I've lived here most of my life. Every friend I know, I've known for years. And I'm not super comfortable making new friends unless one of my own friends knows them. So I just went into my new English class, it's made up of extremely athletic and/or country people. I take a seat next to one of the closer friends that I know in the class, and everything is fine. The class is pretty boring overall, and there's one guy that sits near the back, he sits with a couple of other kids that mostly ignore him. I never really talk to him, but I could tell he was absolutely a neckbeard. He had the all black ensemble, long greasy hair in a pony tail. And a goatee + neckbeard that would put Ethan Kleins beard to shame. And well over 250+ pounds. We don't talk to each other at all, and not once do we even acknowledge each other. He always chewed on his nails and pens, and even pencils. Which I thought was disgusting because it'd make a loud crunching sound. He also only ever wore sandals, no socks, and had absolutely disgusting toenails and feet that look like they'd never been washed. Then, we get a seat change. Only a few people are switched from their normal seats due to behavior issues. And the neckbeard, we'll called him Andrew, was suddenly moved over to the seat at my groups table, right next to me. Let me emphasize that he smelled like actual shit. Like sewage water and moldy vegetables. I instantly knew it was going to be hell. But I felt bad for the guy since nobody talked to him, and he seemed generally nice at first. So I talk to Andrew a little, learn he's a fan of comic books and similar video games to me. I don't really mind him besides the smell, and then we decide to get a lunch at a nearby Chinese place. But we didn't go by ourselves, my girlfriend was there. GIRLFRIEND. So we get lunch, discuss a few recent marvel movies, and then head back. At one point he even told me "I'm in the wrong generation. I hate these stupid iPads and phones" (the school gives us iPads to do our work on). Pretty normal interaction overall though. The next week, I get a note from him in class saying "do you want to go on a date?" I respectfully tell him no thank you. And almost instantly he stops looking or talking to me. My friend sitting next to me gives me a look like "oh shit". And that night, I get a text from none pther than Andrew (Never gave him any of my social media accounts by the way) saying "Wow you're such a bitch, I went to lunch with you. I thought youd be cool. I hope you fucking die you emo slut.". I responded by telling him that I was currently dating someone. He then blocked me, and I later deleted him from my message history. A few months later, I found out from a close friend of mine that who at one point knew Andrew, that not only had he sexually harassed multiple girls in the past at a different school, but he was also a hardcore brony and had been drawing his own hentai comic during school hours, i even found out that he had literally masturbated during a middle school gym class around other people. I changed seats shortly after he had texted me, and luckily the rest of the class went smoothly. via /r/justneckbeardthings https://ift.tt/2zIDcgL

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