I think my brother is a Neck Beard

Ever since i was little i just remember my brother being more invested into Anime than i was and how he was obsessed with Samurai swords. Hes never worn a fedora but idk. Ive found hentai on his phone and computer and hes always been really misogynistic but hes never had a waifu, at least i dont think hes had one. But he would literally isolate himself in his room playing videogames and just eat.However hes always had really weird friends that he would tell me would "protect me" but most of the times the were super sexually suggestive and would try to harass me. But hes always been super protective maybe hes just weird idk hes told me though that he would perfer i was a lesbian via /r/justneckbeardthings https://ift.tt/2EjaQxw

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