I want it too

I've tried no fap and I managed to go a good 8 days until I relapsed. After that I can't get past three days without relapsing again. This has happened to me for the second time already. I came to the conclusion that in order to make a change I had to get rid of the things that would make me want to fap in the first place. And that is... You guessed it porn. I use to look at nude and hentai images so much that it just seemed normal to me. I had over 4,500 porn images and about 670 videos. Looking at it objectively this is a problem. I hated watching some vids because I would get jealous of the guys banging all those hot chicks. I mean some of the guys looked average at best and I thought to myself "I want that too". I had also read about the detrimental effects porn use can have on your body and mind. I had been fapping to porn for so long that at this point in my life I physically can't have sex. I read so many stories on this site about people who went so long without masturbating and got so many good benefits from it. It ranged from more confidence to added creativity and I realized that once again, I want that as well. So in order to make a change I deleted all forms of porn off of my smartphone and tablet. I'm done being a slave to this addiction and I want all the benefits others have been saying they experienced from no fap.Thanks for taking the time read this, it feels great to get my thoughts out there. via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2rljRO9

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